How To Stay Young & Corporate Wellness Workshops

Corporate Wellness Events and Specials

corporate wellness events

Ask our team how your entire workplace can benefit from our monthly corporate SpineTime program to enable your staff to receive affordable chiropractic care while keeping your team healthy and at work. Establishing a partnership with Dr. Shanley is easy! We can visit with your team on location or we can plan an event to bring our therapists and the Dr. in for employee appreciation to deliver chair messages and recommendations for balanced wellness.

Our clinic accepts HSA and FSA benefits and if your workplace offers insurance, most providers are accepted. Don’t let poor ergonomics, muscle strain, and tension wear down your workforce. Keep your team on point by enabling them to utilize their health benefits with a trusted Dr. Our team will engage with your employees who will learn about stress management, preventative routines, and even how to lower blood pressure and other vital health markers. Changes can be simple! Incorporating routine chiropractic care into a healthy lifestyle can cut down on sick time and missed work which is a benefit for your staff and your business.

Dr. Shanley’s “How to Stay Young” classes and these corporate wellness workshops can become an important step in investing in the growth of your business and investing in your team who are essential to its success. Let’s plan lunch or a quick meet and greet so that your business can realize all of the benefits that Advanced Medical of North Texas can offer.

  • Reduced employee sick time

  • Reduced on the job injuries

  • Reduced overall staff health and cost of care

  • Increases in job productivity

  • Increased employee retention

  • Increased employee culture and morale

  • Increases overall profits for the business

  • Avoid chronic muscle soreness and tension from poor office ergonomics

  • And much, much more.

Call or send us a message about scheduling your team’s wellness workshop today! Many of these benefits come at NO COST to the employer. Our Family is here to help yours!

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