Platelet-Rich Plasma in Keller

Platelet-rich plasma in Keller has quickly gained a reputation a world-class regenerative treatment that can help the body heal from any number of injuries.

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Platelet-rich plasma in Keller has quickly gained a reputation a world-class regenerative treatment that can help the body heal from any number of injuries. No one looks forward to the long, grueling rehabilitation process that accompanies injuries to joints and muscles. Moreover, if you sustain an injury as an older individual, the resulting pain and limited range of motion can become chronic without proper care and in some cases can seem inevitable. No one, regardless of age, should succumb to chronic pain.

The use of platelet-rich plasma gives an individual a great way to boost their body’s ability to heal and regenerate damaged tissues, dramatically increasing the chances of a full recovery.

PRP Treatment in Keller

A common question in our office pertains to what exactly Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is in the first place.

To start, platelets are the minuscule blood cells that are shaped like small bowls that are your body’s first defense against injury. When you experience an injury, your body’s immediate immune response signals to these platelets the need to go to the site of the injury and activate their healing properties. With a higher number of healthy, robust platelets that are able to directly respond to an injury, the chances for a full recovery increase.

To generate platelet-rich plasma for regenerative purposes requires the drawing of blood from the individual, and then having the different constituents of blood separated so that a concentrated portion of it that is rich with platelets that can be directly introduced to an area that is needing help recovering. The sudden introduction of regenerative cells results in much faster, and effective healing. This results in lasting pain relief, recovery, and the ability to return to normal activities.

PRP provides your body a massive advantage in combating injuries and chronic pain by giving your body the necessary components for healing right at the source of the pain.


Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections in Keller

When individuals learn of PRP’s amazing regenerative properties, the next question often is, how and where are all the places it can be effective? The answer is simple, wherever PRP is administered. This means PRP can help you overcome injuries to the hips, elbows, shoulders, knees, as well as specific tissues such as problematic tendons and ligaments. PRP has been the regenerative medicine of choice for numerous world-class athletes looking to gain a competitive edge by allowing to quickly recover from training. For some individuals, PRP is so effective that they are able to experience a pain-free life again in as little as four to six weeks.

Gone are the days of resorting to painkillers, steroids, and anti-inflammatory drugs to temporarily cover up pain. Contact us today to learn if regenerative medicine is the solution you’ve been searching for to help you heal from your injury and restore your pain-free mobility in just weeks.