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Are you suffering from scoliosis in Keller? Each case is unique but the alternatives to surgery can help you or your loved ones achieve relief without the risks associated with major corrective surgery.

Scoliosis Treatment in Keller TX

Scoliosis may continue to progress over time and with age as there are several types of scoliosis that may have an onset later in life for some patients. Each type of Scoliosis progresses and expresses itself individually and must be assessed by a doctor as no two cases are the same. Dr. Shanley and his team work with patients and other chiropractors to provide exclusive treatment in North Texas.

What is ScoliBrace?

Dr. Shanley is currently the only certified ScoliBrace provider in North Texas! Truly a Brace for the future, this surgery-free scoliosis treatment can deliver results without the risks of major corrective surgery. Using the Cobb measurement method, any curve of over 10 degrees of the rib cage/spine would be considered a spinal deformity that could be treated with our advanced ScoliBrace system. This rotation or sideways shifting can be addressed and over time corrected using the state of the art Scolibrace technology. Each case is unique but this alternative to surgery can help you or your loved ones achieve relief without the risks associated with major corrective surgery.

Surgery Free Scoliosis Correction and Reversal

Bracing is the use of an external brace device (The ScoliBrace) to apply continuous pressure onto the spinal area in order to impose changes in the shape or, at a minimum, to prevent the spine from continuing to change shape which is a critical component of our conservative scoliosis treatment. In certain cases when the Scoliosis diagnosis is considered to be progressive or at risk of worsening, the ScoliBrace has been shown to be highly effective at mitigating these changes.

These changes may also be brought on by poor posture or degeneration but in any case, Dr. Shanley’s treatments and his ability to apply the ScoliBrace in the treatment process helps to guarantee lasting results. The 3d ScoliBrace technology allows Dr. Shanley to create customized brace solutions that can address deformities that would otherwise go uncorrected or may require surgery.

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