Pain Management Keller TX Services and Techniques

Are you looking for pain management treatment in Keller? Dr. Shanley and his team utilize a full range of advanced equipment and techniques to ensure that you and your family receive the quality care and treatment that you deserve.

Services and Techniques used in Keller TX

MyoVision Advanced sEMG Scans and Reporting:

  • Our clinic utilizes the very best in chiropractic technology to deliver our patients lasting results. The proprietary ScanVision technology used is similar to an EKG. Instead of measuring heart muscle patterns, our system measures the muscular compensation surrounding the spine.
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Digital X-Ray Solutions:

  • Advanced Medical of North Texas has upgraded our X-Ray technology on location to provide high-quality digital x-ray imaging and reporting. Our facility provides digital documentation and works directly with workman’s compensation, attorneys, businesses, and other medical professionals to provide each of our clients the best care possible. In an effort to meet this need, we’ve established partnerships with excellent providers and attorneys who are all accustomed to this new technology.
  • Our state-of-the-art tools and resources allow us to deliver the care you and your family need. The Dr. and our team look forward to working with you on your personalized care and recovery.

Sports, School, and Work Physicals

  • Dr. Shanley has over 10 years of experience in the clinic assisting with patients of every age. Our team is able to provide the documentation and exam you may need to begin a job or an activity with your school or business. Avoid long waits and booking limitations at your primary care doctor or the local clinic.
  • Dr. Shanley and the Advanced Medical of North Texas team can perform the required exam and documentation in half the time at an affordable rate. No insurance, no problem! We have cash patient discounts and can get you in for an appointment quickly.

Medical Massage Therapy

  • Dr. Shanley works closely with our team of highly skilled massage therapists to assist in your personalized treatment plan. Closely monitored therapy and massage session reporting help the Dr. and our team move your results-driven process from the initial assessment to evaluation, and then customized treatment.
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Scolibrace - Surgery Free Scoliosis Correction and Reversal

  • Dr. Shanley is currently the only certified ScoliBrace provider in North Texas! Truly a Brace for the future, this surgery-free scoliosis treatment can deliver results without the risks of major corrective surgery.
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SpineTime Wellness Programs

  • No insurance? No HSA or FSA benefits? Do you think monthly adjustments are just too expensive? There’s no reason to let these factors delay your relief and overall wellbeing. In fact, Dr. Shanley and his team have made it extremely easy and affordable to become a member of our monthly SpineTime program to lower the cost of your monthly treatments similar to offering a cash patient discount.
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